Influencers in the Wild: A Flip Side of Polished Social Media Posts

Social media are ruthless when it comes to showing off. But Instagram is the winner of them all. That’s why people like George (Instagram: Tank Sinatra) appear to expose it.

George lives in Long Island, New York, and has an unusual hobby — apart from creating memes (which he’s extremely good at), he also likes to expose influencer’s efforts to make a polished Instagram shot. And this looks very funny, indeed.

To do so, George created an Instagram account (how ironically) where he publishes the behind-the-scenes videos of how influencers try to look good on social media. The account @influencersinthewild now has 2.3 million followers, and that is since January 14 when the first post was published.

As the account name entails, the page shows influencers in their raw form.

Truth-be-told, such followers growth was not entirely organic. As George told BuzzFeed, he cross-promoted the account on his main page, and the speed with people followed the account is remarkable.

The reason for such a success is that influencersinthewild offers people not only something funny but also something important — the flip side of social media.

George publishes videos sent to him by his followers via a special webpage. Nice UGC strategy in action!

Interesting is that people who create content on social media are now content themselves.