Wondering How to Make Money on Instagram? Here Are Jobs You’d Never Think of

Instagram promotion is a hard and daunting task, whether it’d be a brand account or personal blog. And almost no one can do this task on their own.

Social media are full of brands and opinion leaders whose number is constantly growing. And they can’t do everything by themselves.

This is why we’ve prepared a list of unusual Instagram jobs you can consider as an additional source of income.

Influencer’s Assistant

Instagram influencers are the so-called social media celebrities who have much work to do — regular content making, advertising campaigns, communication with lots of followers, and attending various fashionable events. And to help them out with these, influencers need an assistant — a personal manager who will be accountable for all administrative tasks.

What do influencers’ managers do? Well, lots of stuff.

They manage a blogger’s DM — reply to followers and advertisers in direct messages and comments.

Influencer manager is also accountable for planning an influencer’s calendar, upcoming events, collaborations, and travels.

Influencers can’t do without advertising, and the primary task of their assistants is to manage, schedule and update the sponsored posts and stories calendar. Managers remind influencers to publish promo posts in time and analyse the performance of advertising campaigns.

Assistants also outreach potential sponsors and manage the inbox advertising enquiries.

Giveaway Manager

Giveaways are a controversial way of Instagram promotion, but many influencers and brands conduct them, so this niche is in high demand.

Giveaway managers develop an idea behind a contest and promote it. Along with this, they find sponsors for loop giveaways, communicate with participants and pull them in. 

The primary goal and KPI of giveaway managers is to attract as many people as possible. To achieve this, they think through audience retention strategies and engaging content.

AR Designer

After Instagram claimed that everyone could create an AR mask with the Spar AR Studio in August 2019, this niche became widely popular. AR masks are not only fun and appealing, but they’re also one of the Instagram trends for 2020.

There are probably not many Instagrammers who don’t wear such masks, so this job is extremely trendy now. Becoming an AR designer, you can create masks for brands and influencers and also earn money and following.

To become an AR designer on Instagram, you need to install Spark AR Studio on your PC and start creating. The program is user-friendly, especially if you’re tech-savvy at design software.

IGTV Creator

A week ago, Instagram confirmed that the platform is finally letting users monetise their Instagram content. Similarly to the YouTube Partner Program, Instagram tends to create an Instagram Partner Program, which lets IGTV creators earn money by integrating advertisements in their videos.

Obviously, after this update, the number of IGTV creators will grow drastically. But it doesn’t matter as long as you do quality content that people love to watch.

Instagram Copywriter

Lengthy Instagram captions are also an Instagram trend 2020, which means that more brands and creators will put their time and efforts in creating appealing and engaging captions under their posts.

If you’re good at writing, you can try out your skills working as an Instagram copywriter and help influencers and brands grow their accounts with great captions.

Copywriters can also work as content editors and help influencers or brands develop a content plan of posts and stories for a definite window of time, generate new content ideas, proofread and edit captions.

If you’re good at creating screenplays for videos (vines, for instance) you can even offer your screenwriting services.

Stickers Designer

Another creative Instagram job is to create stickers for Instagram and Telegram. Stickers are entertaining and engaging, especially if they are animated. So illustrators who can draw them may earn quite a lot selling branded stickers to influencers and companies.

Instagram Designer

Instagram is a visually-focused social media platform, so the aesthetics of an account grid layout is essential for successful Instagram promotion. If you’re the one who can create collage feeds, endless Instagram grid layouts, puzzle feeds, create beautiful presets, edit photos and simply create a cohesive Instagram page, you can sell your services and make money on that.

Of course, you need to know how to use special photo editing apps to create all of the above.

By the way, not only Instagram grid needs special attention. You can also draw Highlights covers and help Instagrammers with stories.

Motion Editor

If mobile video editing apps are your thing, you can easily start earning extra money as an Instagram motion editor.

Instagram is no longer a photo platform. IGTV, stories and feed video posts are gaining momentum, and now, it’s the right time to seize it.

And considering that Instagram is planning to let IGTV creators monetise their content, the amount of IGTV videos will grow. These creators will not have time to edit videos on their own. They will need a professional who is ready to take part of their job and knows how to work with different video and audio effects.

Instagram Auditor

This is not the same as a social media manager. Instagram auditors don’t promote your account or develop an Instagram marketing strategy. These people analyse account and point at all the perks and flaws of your page — Instagram bio, captions, hashtags, stories, and so on.

They just consult you and guide on how to move forward and what mistakes to avoid in your Instagram management.

Do these jobs really exist, you may wonder. Well, you will hardly find them on LinkedIn or Glassdoor, but they do. Many big brands use specialised agencies or in-house professionals that do for them everything of the above.

Top influencers use agencies too, but many of them create their own teams that help them manage their Instagram blogs. For influencers, their Instagram pages are startups, so when they achieve a certain level, influencers can’t do everything on their own.

Yet, we can’t say how much you can earn choosing of the above jobs, as it depends on the niche, demand, and a particular creator.