Instagram Is NOT Testing Latest Posts Feed (Sadly)

Since 2016, Instagram doesn’t show feed posts in chronological order.

For the last four years, Instagram builds users’ individual feeds based on their interaction with the content and prioritises the posts Instagrammers interact with the most often.

Yet, a couple of days ago, an engineer Jane Manchun Wong, revealed in her Twitter account that Instagram is now testing the “Latest Posts” feed which is similar to the old good chronological feed.

Jane Manchun Wong is a reverse engineer who looks through apps’ codes and reveals their hidden features on Twitter. She warned about features like Instagram’s likes hiding, Stories layout, and others weeks before they were actually implemented.

This time, Jane unveiled this feature of latest posts to appear on Instagram. However, Alexandru Voica, EMEA Communications Manager at Facebook, claimed that the team was not going to move forward with the feature.

Later on, Jane noticed that the feature had been renamed into “Here’s What You Missed” and asked if Instagram was working on it or not.

Mr Voica did not reply, but the users asked to launch and complained that the algorithm picks were not always relevant.

Indeed, Instagram now decides what you want to see and, unlike LinkedIn users, for instance, you cannot choose how you want to consume the feed content.

Hopefully, Instagram will finally listen to its users and give the green light to the “latest posts” feature to be launched.